Earth wind water and fire astrology

Communication with other people is what they love the most, and they can be frustrated when the person cannot convey his message. So, the year that follows will show the beast inside of them.

What to Know About the Elements of Astrology

They will be aggressive and moody. So, they should slow a little bit down and then analyze the things that bother them. During , they will learn numerous things about themselves, which were unknown until now. Progress will probably not come that easily but waiting for it will be worth. These signs indeed correspond to the description their name carries. People in these signs are fiery, and they always know what are their real needs and wants.

The Element of Air

So, the year that comes will be funny and exciting for them. They will go on different adventures and find their real passions. Also, they will find balance and get all things done. Now, it will be the time for them to be creative.

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They should let their creative souls get out, as they will help them in finding the calm which they searched desperately in life. These signs are exceptionally grounded, always thinking the things through. When in a stressful situation, you will definitely need these people.

Fire Signs - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

The new year will force these people to make a better connection with those they love the most. They will do their best in order to fulfill their desires.

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Others will try their patience and frustrate them too, but they will still be grounded, as well as positive. One important thing is making their home kind of a natural and healing place. Even though they are peacemakers for the rest of the elements, they will a place for unwinding themselves. These signs are natural empaths. They can feel the things in a stronger way than the rest of the elements, which makes them an excellent shoulder for crying.

But, it is essential to avoid overcrowding these people win emotions, as their natural energies will be drained.

Zodiac Signs: Earth, Water, Fire and Air – Vic DiCara's Astrology

The next year, , will force these people work out with everything they did in their life. They will need to focus on their work, as well as money so they could be successful. There will also be difficult times on their way, but everything is going to be good when finished.

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They are alert, curious and perceptive. The world as seen by an Air sign will be an interesting one, as their analysis and subsequent explanation hopefully in terms we can understand will indicate.

Kryon - The Four Elements: Water, Fire, Earth, Air, with Fifth Surprise Element!

Those influenced by Air are inventive and clever. They see all sides of the equation and are able to glean the best approach. Balance is important to these airy folk. So, are Air signers fresh as a summer breeze, or are they howling like the wind? Probably both, depending on when you catch them.

Water Is Nature's Most Powerful Force

While these folks are often calm and collected, they can turn cold if their equilibrium is upset. Another plus with Air is that it manifests itself in a most humane way. They are objective, cooperative and really want to help make a better world.