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Go to it! Have you ever thought of yourself as a CEO, or in any other kind of leadership position? Unless you are already an accomplished businesswoman, today is a great day to begin a project involving other people, and you will be the one in charge! The masculine side of your personality will come out in your in your decision making, and in your charisma with other people.

Go for it!


After all, this is the first day of the rest of your life! Your creativity will be high, inspiring you to paint or write. If your boss is none too tolerant about you taking some time off today to satisfy your muse, then at least take some small steps to ensure your abilities will not lie fallow. How about signing up for a class or joining a writing group?

The ongoing contact and support with give your innate talents a big boost.

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Your radiance and brilliance upstage everyone else today! What presence you have.

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You are a star! Your wish is anyone's command, and the people around you may be counting on you to be their leader. But although you enjoy this social role, you shouldn't forget to indulge more private pleasures. A little gift for yourself, an adventure just for fun, or perhaps simply some time that's all yours and yours alone might be just what you need.

You have no trouble juggling several projects at the same time and your ambition only grows as a result of your tireless performances. Do whatever you can to restore harmony in your relationships before bonds become irreparable! October horoscope: Making ideas a reality Enthusiasm and optimism are two ingredients for success- and you have both in abundance.

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    SAGITTARIUS October 2019 - WOW! HUGE MONTH! - REWARD - OMEN & LOVE - Sagittarius Horoscope Tarot

    You might receive news that you need surgery or a procedure to take care of something your doctor would like to address. Be glad there are doctors in this world who are knowledgeable about your condition. This is a new moon, October 27, and that means fixing things might take as long as six months, though it also means you have time to do all you need to do to be ready. If you like, feel free to seek a second opinion if need be. Mercury is about to go retrograde from October 31 to November Knowing that Mercury will be out of phase at the end of the month tells you that you need to have as much done in the first half of October as possible.

    As said, you will feel the slowdown starting October Stay clear of Mercury retrograde for important matters since you will start to feel the postponements, cancellations, delays, do-overs, and other frustrations Mercury is known to bring in these periods, three times a year for three-and-a-half weeks. Next month, I will tell you about all the positive things that happen when Mercury is retrograde. While there are specific traits linking all Sagittarians, the most common ones are that they are easygoing and often climb up the popularity charts quite easily.

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    They are also associated with flexibility and adaptability and are born to explore. Give them time to travel and they will be the happiest. According to Ganesha, you may come across unexpected monetary gains, but you plan to spend the extra income on renovating your home. All in all, a tedious day at home as well as office. On the whole, be mindful of what you're spending and plan things carefully. Jai Madaan tells us how to deal and what to do if you feel stuck in a relationship.

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