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This is definitely me, esp. My same sex parent was never cold but ever busy and mostly absent. I have Sat-Moon conjuction in the 2nd house of my natal chart. I just feel like living alone all the time…being with myself. I have this in my natal in 9 in Pisces. Opposite uranus and Pluto.

The moon is part of a kite, saturn is not. Saturn is also retrograde. I was bullied at school when i was small, and my parents did not help me. When I was 19 i met my ex, and i had 3 children with him, but he was abusive. After 5 years i ran to a shelter and raysed my children on my own.

Give yourself what you expect from your mother but did not get from her. I had my children, so i had to do that, because i loved them and they needed me.


Funny thing is we all know what we need, and instead of expecting this love from other people, we beter give that to ourselves. Listen to yourself what your complains are and do that for yourself. Tell yourself you love yourself and remember that if you feel, you are alive and there is always hope and a chance for change. But ok, i am almost 50, give yourself time too. I wrote this not so long ago. How fast can things go. I got rid of a lot of anger because the children of my school have been trough rough times too and we are all 50 now :. Maybe the funniest thing is that now i take care of my parents.

Yes, I had an incredibly visionary and occupied and intuitive mother who was a natural leader and loving. I never allowed myself to bemoan her absence due to her long work hours.

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But I have all this guilt and anxiety and worry and phobias sitting right at the front door ready to rush in at the slightest disappointment. I have zero expectations of close people- shielding my heart from their inevitable flops. Moon square Saturn. Great article and interesting comments as always. Thanks for that Kevin. Nice for others to hear that things get better with age. I have found that with my hard Saturn aspects too. Very interesting about the great ambition.

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I was wondering if the Moon ruling the Public has translates as anything in your career or other areas? I hope I am getting your question correctly Jamie— In my career and personal life if i isolate just this particular conjunction i would say at first how it manifested was being raised in a matriarchal family—extremely dominant, talented and very intelligent and controlling women! My first wife also dealt with major childhood diabetes issues a sixth house issue?

I have been blessed with a long career as a heavy truck mechanic but always have seemed to end up with working for or with strong domineering women either as drivers or supervisors. Not a sexist bone in my body but this has never been easy for me more an issue of strong wills clashing. My mother was a legal secretary and my only and older sister has her doctorate and we were raised by mother after a divorce when i was around A lot of charlatans and useless information out there as I am sure you are aware of!

So there is some of that ambition we talked about! I hope I touched upon some subject close to what you were inquiring about, Jamie, and thank you for taking time to respond. I trade mostly options and was positioned well for a down move. Thanks again Jamie.

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Thanks for the article Jamie. My mum was a single mum who was emotionally unavailable, my father was never around, my mother actually kept me away from my father and only when I was 20 did I reconnect with my Dad which was all my doing. I also felt the weight of my mum being a single mum from the time I can remember.. And thank you so much for sharing Meagan. Your sure have taken responsibility for your own emotions.

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  8. All the best during this this difficult transit. I will be writing about Saturn returns in the coming month or two. Obviously a lot depends on natal aspects to Saturn, plus other transits at the time. Saturn square Neptune is not helping your age group this year. Compare this to Saturn trine Uranus for next year. This describes me perfectly, but whenever I try to open myself for others, they are cold and rejecting.

    This is the same with family and mates from my university. People treat me like a black sheep. The one person I ever had a bond with was my Father but he died when I was 7. Family of my mum contacts with me about once a year in Christmas, but not always.

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    By years I was always subconsciously trying to please everyone and make them treat me good, especially that my mum was abusing me psychically, so I never felt safe, neither at school nor house. I deserve more from my family than one fucking phone by year. I can have good life without them. I have a moon-saturn conjuction as well, on the ASC. Go figure! Saturn and moon conjunction has a spiritualizing influence on many people. It makes the individual take interest in deeper questions of life, existence and spirit.

    It inclines people towards finding out the answers behind the apparent llmitations and restrictions caused by material reality. It allows them to sublimate their mental and emotional turmoil into creative pursuits which require concentration. It makes people self reliant, austere and autonomous. It makes people grow emotionally earlier than their contemporaries. Many people such as scientists, teachers, novelists, philosophers , classical musicians, people staying in monastries who work and live in isolation have this combination.

    I like the teaching theme. Hi Jamie, the full in March will be close to natal Saturn 27 Virgo and at 2. Would the orb be to wide to feel it? My natal Mars is at Without letting anger and jacqueline bigar daily birthday horoscope control the discussion. And scorpio simply can't stand this: scorpio wants to know that what belongs to himher, belongs to himher only. January 22 to february 9, gold earth phoenix.

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